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What I’m Reading: Books about WWII

I was the last child born in my family, both of my parents in their forties when I came along. My father was old enough to have actually fought in World War II. Not that he ever talked about it. He was of a stoic generation that avoided talking about terrible things that no one could […]

Waiting Blows Big Time

If you know me at all, you know I’m sort of all about handstands. Someday I want to be a seventy five year-old lady in a bikini on a beach somewhere, popping into a handstand and having all the locals freak out because all that skin is suddenly sagging in the wrong direction. I want […]

Zombies and Why We Need Them

The Walking Dead is back after its half-season break, and not a moment too soon. I needed to see some guts hanging out from beneath an emaciated rib cage. And also, that guy with the W on his forehead needed to die. He had a change of heart? I call Bulls**t. What does this have […]