bio:I live in in the Midwest with my two children and one husband. On summer weekends you will find me in a cabin by a lake, my laptop perched so that I can still see out over the water as the sun sets. It is possibly the best place on earth to sit and write and dream.

Good coffee and great wine make me happy. I do yoga so hard I’ve been known to bleed in class. Oh, and I’m mildly obsessed with doing handstands.

During the day I run around doing doctor-y things, and then go home to write at night. People ask me how I can do all that with a family and I say, “Easy!” They ask my family and they say, “Aren who? Oh, and while you’re here can you give us some food?”

You may ask why I do it. I probably have an undiagnosed brain disorder that makes me crave random bits of knowledge. When I invent worlds and write about them I get to learn all kinds of new stuff. Everybody wins! Except my family. I think I hear them starving politely in the other room. Maybe I’ll go make dinner.